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Whats truly holding you back? Does it feel like you're going in circles without any REAL Results? I've worked with hundreds entrepreneurs much like YOU, I can quickly see whats holding you back, and create a path to success much faster than you've ever thought possible. In nearly every case it's a combination of strategy, knowledge, and accountability. 

If your goal is to live at a High Income lifestyle level ($400K) or reach maximum income at the master level ($1,000,000+), I have the knowledge, experience and can guid you to that next level. This coaching program is intensive and requires you to DO THE WORK. This is not a get rich quick scam. This is a proven established path to predictable long term growth. You must be currently making over $125,000 per year to qualify. 


Get one on one coaching with the Marketing Savage himself! This is not an over bloated program where your success will be swept under a rug.

You will not be forgotten and forced to listen to everyones else's problems while your progress is being handicapped. 

The truth is you will get more accomplished in a one hour coaching call with John than attending 100 large bloated mastermind meetings. 

Although masterminds have their place, while working with John your time will not be divided into 30 other peoples.

This ONE ON ONE experience will be 100% focused on getting YOU the results YOU Desire. You're not going to be working with other coaches, you're going to be working directly with John Highley himself. 

Above and beyond a traditional coaching program, you'll have direct access to John on a daily basis.

When you need help, you'll get it FAST! 

You joined this program for one reason and one reason alone, TO GET RESULTS.

During our free strategy session we will look at a few key areas of your business. This is the phase were we can create a road map to quickly move past anything thats holding you back!
If you're approved for my coaching program (assuming its a good fit). We will move forward together and I'll deliver the knowledge needed to implement YOUR PLAN OF ACTION!
 One of the major keys I offer in my coaching program is complete and absolute accountability! If your working with me I have a no Bull Shit approch, you will QUICKLY SEE Results!
This is your chance to get a FREE stratigy session! I'll be up front, my services are not cheap & I'll ONLY work with those of you who are committed to doing the work. Because of the Agressive RAPID growth of my students, you need to have a BIG Vision for your future and the motivation to move towards it FAST.. 
Here's A Quick (Partial) Bio Of John Highley

John started his first company in 1999 under Highley's Inc. Within 4 years he Sold OVER 10 MILLION In AUTOMOTIVE Services.

Since then John went on to build the worlds largest automotive dent removal education empire! Everything from education, software, & manufacturing. 

John is not just a coach, he's in the trenches and still operates 5 successful companies. 

This is a labor of love for John, and is why not everyone will make the cut. If you want to work with John you need to be 100% committed to the program. 

It's ONLY for Entrepreneurs that SEEK Excellence. 

This is a NO Excuse, No Bullshit type of Coaching... 

So BE READY For Extremely Fast Results. 

For over a Decade John has been helping Elite Entrepreneurs like YOU Duplicate His Success.

  • Tactical Dent Tech Podcast host
  • Owner Of MME Live Marketing Event 
  • ​Mentor To Milliondollar Brands
  • ​Owner Of Tactical Dent Tools 
  • ​Member of Apex Executive 
  • ​Media Company Owner 2000+ Clients
  • Social Media Advertising Expert / National Speaker
  • ​And has helped thousands of Entrepreneurs around the world to start, promote and grow their companies.
  • ​Business Expert & Owner of Dent Trainer Media Live Events!
  • ​Facebook & Google Ad Expert 
  • ​Marketing Savage Podcast Host
  • ​ Published Author  

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Get Your FREE Exclusive Strategy Session NOW!
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